Threadbare: A Patchwork of Poems That Make a Life


Love, loss, grief, and growth are knit together in this uniquely moving collection from Adanna Moriarty. Feel a life flash before you as we follow Adanna on the path of her own – from childhood wonder to young adult freedoms, to budding motherhood and the tragic loss of a parent. Woven with a love only loss could know, each piece brings a nostalgic comfort, causing the reader to ponder the threads of their own life. Moriarty thoughtfully narrates her shift in child to woman and examines the hardest of topics in an honest and gentle way. In doing so, her story is not only relatable but also softens the things we find most difficult to discuss – mental health, adapting to change, and the quiet tragedy of death. This is a collection readers will return to again and again for comfort, for validation, and for the nostalgia of a life well-lived.

Adanna Moriarty weaves a memoir of poetry by exploring each stage of life and the interlocking fabric of community and family that shapes a person.

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