An Indelible Event and Detour Through a Global Childhood


At the age of 6, Henry Silvert was in a car crash on a country road in Mexico that would change his life forever. Before the accident, he had been an ornery, creative, precocious, and somewhat nerdy kid who enjoyed practicing the violin and playing bridge. The injuries he experienced were life threatening, but, as his doctor said after an initial exam, “This boy doesn’t know how to die!” An Indelible Event shows how this stubbornness and will to live fueled a recovery that required him to relearn how to walk, eat, and speak. Silvert details an adventurous childhood spent in a number of South American countries and his experiences with political activism and prejudice during his high school years in Hanover, New Hampshire. He also delves into his intellectual awakening and pursuit of a life in the social sciences. Ultimately, An Indelible Event depicts how Silvert’s own optimism and the support he received from his family and friends helped him create a full life that transcended his initial tragedy.

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