The Niyah Zuri Series



“Niyah Zuri and The Pharaoh’s Throne” follows self-assured heroine Niyah Zuri as she and her best friends, Miguel and Hugo Gonzales, travel through time with the use of a mystical map. Readers are taken on an adventure with every turn of the page as the trio forge their friendship through exploration.

The series begins its epic tale when Niyah and the Gonzales twins discover an enchanted map in their clubhouse & are accidentally teleported to the Triassic period. After evading carnivorous dinosaurs, the time jumping continues as they’re sent back to Ancient Egypt in order to help a young Prince Tut overcome his fear of rule. The group race against time to complete their mission, returning to their time period in haste as the Pharaoh’s sudden death has the royal guards suspicious of Tut’s foreign visitors.

“Niyah Zuri and The Mayan Eclipse” Their secret is out, the map is destroyed, and a brewing storm is threatening the stability of the portal’s coding. The time-jumping adventures through history continue in”Niyah Zuri and The Mayan Eclipse” the sequel in the bestselling Niyah Zuri series. Join the fearless heroine Niyah Zuri along with Hugo and Miguel Gonzales as they trek through wild jungles, dive in supernatural itzas, and explore the hidden chambers of the Temple of Kukulkan in Ancient Maya.

With their Mayan friends Taavi and Abha as guides, the crew survive journeying through the past  and discover just how far the knowledge from the River Nile flowed from their very first mission. When an unpredicted solar eclipse occurs, Abha disappears, and their quest to find the Light reveals a prophecy that holds the only key to saving her. Can Niyah accept her destiny before the portal closes or will the eclipse leave the world in darkness forever?

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