Live Author Chats

Live Author Chats

Join the livestream to hang out during the Live Author Chats.

Saturday, April 2nd, 202w

4:00pm to 6:00pm PT

Live Author Chats – Hosted by Scott Ryan and A.G. Billig

Part afterparty, part networking, and part authors doing whatever the heck they want, this fun interactive event presents authors and literary folks in fast-paced chats with hosts Scott Ryan and A.G. Billig. 

You’ll hear authors do readings, tell stories, answer audience questions and be creatively fresh in celebrating spring. Plus, the winner of the BookFest Big Bundle of Books Giveaway will be announced, along with other prize winners.

Host: Scott Ryan, television historian, managing editor of  The Blue Rose Magazine, co-founder of Fayetteville Mafia Press and author of  Moonlighting: An Oral History,  thirtysomething at thirty: an oral history, The Last Days of Letterman, and Fire Walk with Me: Your Laura Disappeared. 

Host: A.G. Billig, author of Open Your Heart, Rise in Love: Five Secret Doors to a Happy and Healthy Relationship, transformational coach, and motivational speaker dedicated to empowering women to live a happy and meaningful life by unleashing the love within themselves. 


4:00pm PT 

Paul Hynek, a futurist, professor, and entrepreneur, discusses the convergence of technology and entertainment talks all things UFO and beyond.

4:20pm PT 

Virginia Fox, author talks about bringing her cozy romance mystery series from Germany to the US market, and gives a hint of the great stories you can expect.

4:30pm PT 

Marcus James, founder of Washington State’s first Gay-Straight Alliance previews, discusses his novel, Where the Vile Things Are: A Study in Sex, Revenge, Deceit, and Affluenza. 

4:40pm PT

Anna Nyakana, award-winning author, speaker, producer and singer-songwriter talks about her children’s book series, The Niyah Zuri.  

4:50pm PT 

Tamara Miller Davis, author of Despite the Buzz, talks about contemporary communication and the importance of digital wellness.  

5:00pm PT 

Kim Gottlieb-Walker, author of Caterina by Moonlight and photographer, discusses how times change, even as people still experience the same feelings in every century.

5:10pm PT 

Marilyn Anderson, author of How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE … When You’re a Million Short, tells you how.  

5:20pm PT 

Beatrice Adenodi, author of Mindless Behaviors: Breaking through Unseen Barriers, talks about how to find your own voice and reclaim your personal power in challenging times. 

5:30pm PT 

Ravi Sahay, author of May You Be Healthy, talks about healthy eating and Ayurveda, and shares his delicious kefir recipe. 

5:40pm PT 

Alicia Ponce, author of Latinas in Architecture– Stories of Raising the 1%, One Latina at a Time, talks about the Latina experience in the Architecture profession.

5:50pm PT

Danika Ellis, associate Editor at Book Riot and creator of the Lesbrary, discusses the recent surge of book bans in the U.S., particularly of LGBTQ books and authors of color.