The Critiki Bar

A tiki glass in a tropical bar at night.

About the Critiki Bar

Everyone knows how important the first page of their manuscript is for capturing the attention of an agent. This is your opportunity to have your unpublished work evaluated by industry professionals, that will provide critical feedback to help you improve it.

The Critiki Bar show is part of The BookFest programing and is hosted by literary agent Katharine Sands, and NY Times bestseller / writing coach David L. Robbins.

How it works

Authors submit the first page of their fiction work. It can be complete or in progress. Then take part in a virtual group workshop with David L. Robbins to polish their first page.

On the show Katharine and David will compare the difference between the initial and the revised first page and discuss the impact.

Note, authors that submit their work are not on the Critiki Bar show, only the first page and revised first page of their manuscript may appear on screen.

Would you like to submit to be part of the Critiki Bar?

Submission to the Critiki Bar is $74.99 now $37.99 

Space is limited to what we can fit into one show.