Deborah M. Pratt

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Deborah M. Pratt was the first African-American Drama and SciFi Executive Producer in TV when she co-created, wrote 25, and co-wrote another 15 episodes of the iconic TV series Quantum Leap for NBC. She was Co-EP and head writer for Tequila and Bonetti for CBS and created for TV and Executive Produced The Net series for USA. Ms. Pratt has sold pilots to Paramount, CBS, and NBC. Her sold feature films include Woman for Warner Brothers and the musical prequel to Anastasia for FOX.

She has written new franchises like The Adventures Of Calla Mcquade and stand-alone feature film dramas Heartswear and Chevalier & Antoinette, both currently in development. Ms. Pratt is an award-winning graduate of AFI/DWW and made her directorial debut with Cora Unashamed for Masterpiece Theatre’s The American Collection for BBC and PBS.

Ms. Pratt is a graduate of the FOX/AFI feature film director’s initiative, and she recently directed the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy. She is a 4-time Emmy nominee, a Golden Globe nominee, and recipient of The Lillian Gish Award from Women in Film, the Golden Block award, and various festival awards.

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