Amber Nichole

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Award winning school teacher turned author, Amber Nichole has a passion to help others. 

“Hey Jasmine! Let’s go to the park” is her first children’s book, inspired by her energetic daughter who has cerebral palsy (CP). This story offers a light-hearted depiction of some of the challenges Jasmine faces while encouraging inclusion through play. 

Jasmine inspires Amber Nichole to create books that educate others about special needs children. Nichole adds, “I want to highlight the amazing things that kids with special needs can do. Let’s celebrate them! They deserve to see characters that look like them too.”

“Daddy Daughter Q & A” is Amber’s second book, in which she highlights the relationship between daddy daughter combos of various cultures, backgrounds and ages. This book facilitates discussion between fathers and daughters in a question and answer format. This book is great for any father or daughter who wishes to learn the value of spending quality time with one another.

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