Start With Who


“W. Craig Reed’s new book, Start With Who, shows business, marketing, and sales professionals how to persuade any client with just twelve bullets and a story. Reed also discusses the fascinating neuroscience that explains why storytelling is so powerful. Enjoy and use this thought-provoking book!”

Ken Blanchard, co-author of The New One Minute Manager® and The Simple Truths of Leadership  

“W. Craig Reed’s Start With Who represents the next generation beyond Simon Sinek’s Start With Why and Gartner’s The Challenger Sale.” –Indy Bains, VP Marketing, Workday

Start With Who includes concepts that will help you safely challenge the status quo and innovate for the greater good – like storytelling techniques, messaging guide templates, persuasion models, recruiting secrets, and sales enablement tools.” –Mike Paton, former EOS Worldwide Visionary and co-author of the EOS book Process!

“Just like EOS can help a leadership team take their company to the next level, adopting the concepts and recommendations found in Start With Who will help you challenge the biggest and best of your competitors.” –Mark O’Donnell, EOS Worldwide Visionary

Start With Who can help SMBs compete with industry giants by using neuroscience-based storytelling to build and increase trust with customers and candidates.” –Steven Doolittle, Chief Revenue Officer, RemotelyMe  

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