Spies of the Deep


Spies of the Deep exposes Vladimir Putin’s frightening plan to dominate world resources and how the Kursk tragedy propelled him to power. This non-fiction book reads like a Tom Clancy thriller that you can’t put down.”    –Malcolm Boyes, former Producer of Entertainment Tonight


W. Craig Reed’s Spies of the Deep is a chilling—downright terrifying—dive into the current global crisis. It looks at where we’ve been as a world power and the dagger’s edge upon which we’re all balanced. The book shines a light into the dark machinations of politicians and the military—both here and in Russia and China—and how clandestine operations are ratcheting up tensions to the point of global economic collapse, even nuclear war.  — James Rollins, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of Crucible

W. Craig Reed’s Spies of the Deep is even more engaging than his award-winning Red November. Reed is a former U.S. Navy submariner and diver, so all of his books are well-researched, accurate, and read like bestselling Tom Clancy thrillers. I thoroughly enjoyed it!” — Andrew Peterson, Bestselling Author of Hired to Kill

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