May You BE Healthy: Well-being for Pennies a Day


Ravi Sahay, having experienced profound healing from severe ailments including heart disease, sinusitis, eczema, etc., shares simple but disciplined lifestyle changes to heal and prevent chronic conditions.Ayurveda, the science of longevity and India’s ancient holistic medical system, has prescribed a way of life to keep the immune system bright and to emanate a natural glow in our face, skin, nails and hair. The operative Sanskrit word in Ayurveda is “saucha,” purification of body and mind, and the key enabler of a healthy immune system.The microbiome is a paradigm shift according to the Mayo Clinic. The rediscovery is like finding a “missing organ” that was not taught in medical schools. Trillions of organisms inhabiting our gut, mouth, and skin replicate and dance, and pass on in order to dynamically balance our internal ecosystem and thus keep us healthy and happy. Chronic diseases are pervasive today. One out of two Americans suffer from one or more chronic conditions. The list of chronic ailments has been growing with the rapid rise of autoimmune diseases in the last fifty years. A rich, diverse and balanced microbiome in the gut, mouth, and skin gives us a healthy body with full vigor without inflammation, disease, pain or discomfort.In this book, you will learn about the ways to keep your internal microbiome ecosystem balanced and your immunity strong::How to keep the internal and external organs clean with daily practiceHow to feed them and keep them healthy with natural prebiotics and probioticsHow to eat and cook non-inflammatory healthy mealsHow to make your own natural personal hygiene productsHow to improve your agility with simple exercise routinesHow to improve your sleep—the great detoxifierHow to calm your mind, reduce stress and be happyAnd most importantly, how to live life with vitality at any age, simply and inexpensivelyRavi humbly offers this book to empower, transform and revitalize the lives of all—young or old, male or female. In addition, may this book be an instrument in the much needed transformation of our healthcare system.

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