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Vertikal Life Magazine started in 2009 in Atlanta, GA, and its mission was to create a global movement of positive energy through radio and media. Since 2009, it has grown to include Living Vertikal Radio, a broadcasting platform that includes: Women On The Rise Program (Women Pursuing their Passion), Music Café (Introducing New Music Talent), Vertikal Bistro, She’s More Network (Teen Girls Program), The Vertikal Reading Room (Reading Books for Mature Audience), and A Taste Of Ink LIVE (About Authors and The Writing Community).

Vertikal Life

A Taste of Ink LIVE program can be found on the Living Vertikal Radio Platform, www.livingvertikalradio.com, or at Facebook and can be heard every Wednesday at 6:00 PM MST.  

The Mission of A Taste of Ink LIVE is to work in partnership with the creative community to expose the world to the community of empowering writers who inspire through the art of storytelling, creating a more enlightened and empowered public.

Last year we introduce our Writer’s Retreat in Ireland, August 6th through August 16th, 2020, a great place to refresh your Muse! See the details here.

Interested in being a part of the community? Contact us at info@livingvertikalradio.com

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