The Lillian Todaro Collections

Lillian Todaro is a multi-award winning “wearable art” jewelry artist for over thirty years. Primarily known for her innovative “Bead Sculptures,” Lilly has earned numerous “First Place” and “Best of Show” Jewelry Category Awards, and gained international attention with her television appearances. Lilly also teaches across the country and is showcased at finer art shows & galleries. 

The Lillian Todaro Collections

In addition to winning more than two dozen awards, including First Place and Best of Show, she has developed a popular series of “Magic Bead” Kits and Books, teaches nationally, has been a featured American Artist on Television, including the Carol Duvall Show. 

Lillian Todaro’s hand-made works range from earrings to elaborate oversized neckpieces and three-dimensional figurative bead sculptures.

Lillian Todaro

Lilly’s true passion is for her free form of beaded sculptures. These wearable or free-standing Sculptures are a result of combining different bead weaving techniques, many of which Lilly invented. Bead sculpturing is her form of expression, her art. She creates something that has form, function, and color that did not previously exist in the world out of tiny glass beads.

Inspiration for her art pieces comes from experiences in her life, like her wearable sculpture titled “Lava Flow.” She was awe-struck by the endless acres of hardened beautiful black lava flows on the Big Island of Hawaii. She created a large beautiful black crystal and bead neckpiece from her experiences on the island. 

View Bead Sculptures, Kits, and Instruction Booklets on her website at www.lilliantodaro.com 

Visit Lillian Todaro’s Etsy Shop on www.etsy.com

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