Stephanie Rabell

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Stephanie is the head of Book and Wine Lovers Marketing. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Human Relations. Stephanie started her career working for a headhunter and acquired phenomenal research skills. She then proceeded to work for two catalog companies running the Customer Service and Sales Departments. Stephanie lived and breathed sales and marketing. Stephanie took a hiatus for her family and while on this break she stared a book club called Wine Women and Words of the North Shore. Stephanie hand picked the books and made relationships with many authors and readers. The book club became Book Fairies and an “Action Book Club” through the Little Free Library (gathering books for readers in need). The book club loves spending time with authors and frequently meets with authors for dinner to discuss their books. Through the book club work, Stephanie decided it was time to help authors on a whole new level by providing a service that was missing in the industry, Virtual Book Tours with a twist. Stephanie’s twist is providing authors with not only book reviews from readers and bloggers but to provide another way for them to get the word out by scheduling interviews on podcasts, YouTube, IGTV, local streaming stations, and more. Being in customer service her entire career has taught Stephanie to treat clients like royalty, keep them happy, and do the best job she can for them. Stephanie is know in the industry as a “powerhouse” and an author’s best friend.

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