A.M.Colman’s faith has given her many strings to her bow including the passion she has for seeing diversity reflected in children’s books. Seeing children of colour as main character is her mission. Having trained and worked in childcare for over 25 years A.M.Colman places a strong focus on seeing the smile on a child or parent when they see themself in a book. She has won a few awards and is often identified as the teachers pick on amazon.  Diversity and inclusion is at the  heart of all she does. Working closely with vulnerable families in communities, which saw her awarded with and MBE from the Queen to running book events to support independent Authors, A.M.Colman is never standing still. She also works hard raising money and sending books overseas through her ‘SOW A SEED project’ SOW A SEED | Angelbooks sending books to children in developing countries so that children around the world who don’t have access to books or limited choices can access books they love where they see themselves.

Her first book ‘Love My Hair’ focuses on Leah who explores how different her hair and all her friends hair is, exploring diversity in a unique way. The ‘Affirmations Colouring book’ encourages children to explore what makes them unique and how special they are.

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