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Self-Publishing Mastery is an award-winning blog and all- things-publishing hub created to help you achieve your authorship dream and accomplish your writing goals. Its seeds were planted in 2015, at The London Book Fair. Inspired by the success stories shared by top-selling indies, a young author realized the tremendous potential in the burgeoning self-publishing industry. As she walked past a larger-than-life poster of J. K. Rowling, she realized the times when writers needed a traditional publisher were about to end. Retailers like Amazon made it possible for gifted, productive, and marketing-savvy authors to reach millions of readers. So she dreamed of an online platform that would report the realities, opportunities, challenges, and success stories of the self-publishing industry. A platform that would fulfill the triple role of educating, empowering and connecting indies from around the world and become their virtual home. And she called it Self-Publishing Mastery.

Today, Self-Publishing Mastery stands true to that vision. You don’t need to waste time searching the Internet for the best information and resources. Our content covers all the aspects of self-publishing, from editing and book cover design, to book launch events, and marketing. We talk to the experts in the industry to bring you the insights that will help you step up your game.

On a mission to support authors like you make the world a better place, one book at a time, we also provide coaching and mentoring programs created to help you achieve the biggest goals you can come up for your writing career. Come visit us today and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to get a copy of the top Amazon book reviewers. 

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