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Celebrating its one-year anniversary, Roadmap Authors has been the conduit for eight author signings with literary agents. Amena Kheshtchin-Kamel was the first author signed last fall, to Lizzie Poteet of the Seymour Agency. Since then, seven more authors were signed to Trident Media, Gandolfo Helin & Fountain Literary Management and Metamorphosis Agency. Many more authors are under consideration with agencies such as Transatlantic Agency, MacGregor and Luedeke Literary, The Lotts Agency, Harvey Klinger Literary Agency, Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency, Fuse Literary, and Red Fox Literary.

Roadmap Authors is a division of Roadmap Writers, which has been bridging screenwriters with literary managers, agents and producers for over five years. They have just seen their 191st writer signed!

Award-winning and critically acclaimed author Selene Castrovilla is the Director of the Authors’ Division. A happy member of the Roadmap Writers community, Selene realized that authors needed similar access to the publishing industry. She works with her authors to create irresistible manuscripts, as well as queries, pitches and loglines. With a passion for words and a mission to help authors achieve representation—and publication—Selene loves connecting authors with agents who are actively seeking manuscripts in their genres. She looks forward to catching up with Roadmap Writers’ signing numbers!

“After attending writers conferences and taking a variety of writing courses by other companies, I can tell you that Roadmap offers the best opportunity for connecting with professionals within the publishing industry. As any emerging writer knows, the process of sending out query letters to publishing agents is a painful process full of rejection…or crickets. Roadmap’s Author Program put me in the “room” with agents so I could pitch, interact, and receive feedback which ultimately led to gaining representation. Through the Roadmap Authors Program, I was introduced to my wonderful agent, Renee Fountain. If you’re interested in moving faster than the molasses-slow process of sending out queries and are sick of filling out long forms with too many text boxes on QueryTracker, you owe it to yourself to check out Roadmap Authors.” 

  • Craig Holland, Author (Signed with Gandolfo Helin & Fountain Literary Management)

“I am highly impressed by Roadmap Authors and the way they come alongside writers to help them hone their craft. I’ve enjoyed being a guest instructor teaching the synopsis clinic. The writers are always eager to learn and take feedback. I think Roadmap has a great program set up, and that any writer would benefit from the feedback and training they get. Selene, Joey, and the Roadmap team are awesome!”

—Megan Burkhart, Junior Agent, Cyle Young Literary Elite 

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