Reading Room – Spring 2020

Listen to an array of LA Book Fest Authors reading to you: Videos are launched

Enjoy videos of authors reading from the books, essays, poetry, their works in progress, and more.

Edgar Scott

Author Edgar Scott reads from 418

Sara Winokur

Author Sara Winokur reads from her book Double Blind

Ryan Southwick

Author Ryan Southwick reads from his book Angels in the Mist

Bilal Alaji

Author Bilal Alaji reads from his book This Ain’t My Life

Sheryl Benko

Author Sheryl Benko reads from her book The Last of Will

Scott Brody

Author Scott Brody reads from his book The Org

Steven Joseph

Author Steven Joseph reads from his book The Last Surviving Dinosaur: The TyrantoCrankaTsuris

Debra Eckerling

Author Debra Eckerling reads from her book Your Goal Guide: A Roadmap for Setting, Planning and Achieving Your Goal

Diana Lee Brown

Author Diana Lee Brown reads from her book Fly By

Gerald Everett Jones

Author Gerald Everett Jones reads from his book Preacher Finds a Corpse

Joanna Dodd Massey

Author Joanna Dodd Massey reads from her book Culture Shock

Ora Nadrich

Author Ora Nadrich reads from her book Live True: A Mindfulness Guide to Authenticity

Sue William Silverman

Author Sue William Silverman reads from her book How to Survive Death and Other Inconveniences

Bill McCormick

Author Bill McCormick reads from his book The Brittle Riders Book III

Schedule (Pacific Time)

10:00amWelcome — Desiree Duffy
10:10amOpening Keynote – Sharon Koifman
10:30amDanny Trejo Reads from Trejo’s Tacos
11:00amPanel One – Self-Help Books When We Need Them Most
12:00pmPanel Two – Masters of the Macabre
1:00pmPanel Three — Books and Education During Covid
2:00pmPanel Four – Books, Authors and Genres Reemerging
3:00pmPanel Five – Words Matter
4:00pmPanel Six – Why We Love Stories
5:00pmPanel Seven – Young Adult Fiction in a Time of Tumult
6:00pmAfter Party
12:00pmWelcome — Desiree Duffy
12:15pmPanel One — Wickedly Creative
1:30pmPanel Two — My Precious
2:45pmPanel Three — The World Sucks
4:00pmPanel Four — Conversation with the Hudsons
TimeAsk An Author Chat
Ask Me About…
1:00pOra Nadrich
Ask me about mindfulness.
1:15pKevin Groh
Ask me about gaming.
1:30pMichelle Silverthorn
Ask me about authenticity in the workplace.
1:45pAnn O’BrienAsk me about conscious love and awareness practice.
2:00pSara Winokur
Ask me anything about Iceland.
2:15pAndy Davidson
Ask me about witches.
2:30pSean Conley
Ask me about football, yoga, and meditation.
2:45pSteven Joseph
Ask me about embracing your crankiness.
3:15pDr. Janet Brill
Ask me anything about intermittent fasting.
3:30pAdrienne Monson
Ask me about vampires.
3:45pEdgar Scott
Ask me my thoughts on the economy after the election.
4:00pBill McCormick
Ask me about the Multi-verse.
4:15pLon Varnadore
Ask me about clones of the future.
4:30pSheryl Benko
Ask me about the 1200 human bones they found in Ben Franklin’s old house.
4:45pAmyLea Murphy
Ask me about the best way to help teens in need.
5:00pJames Rollins
Ask me about weaving science and adventure into storytelling.
5:15pWilliam Craig Reed
How a Russian submarine propeled Putin to power.
5:30pJonathan Maberry
Ask me about surviging a zombie attack.
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Saturday, Oct 24 and 25, 2020
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