If you haven’t tried the popular visual book planning and series bible software Plottr, built for both outliners AND pantsers, you’re missing out. With Plottr, you can visually plan and organize your books the way you think:

      • Drag and drop your scenes on a fun and colorful, customizable digital corkboard to truly “see” your book and series arcs at a glance…

      • Manage your characters, locations, and story details across books and series, including 20+ character development templates…

      • Plot and revise faster (and avoid plot holes) with the help of 30+ proven story structures…

      • Export your work to Microsoft Word and Scrivener…

      • And much more!

    If you’re ready to organize the story ideas rampaging through your head, then sign up today and see why Plottr is the #1 rated book outlining and series bible software for writers.

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