Critiki Bar

Critiki Bar

Sign up for the Critiki Bar and writing workshop with NY Times bestseller and writing coach David L. Robbins to polish your manuscripts first page. Don’t worry you do not need to be on the Critiki Bar show, but the first page of your manuscripts before and after will be on the show.


  • Your submission needs to be from an unpublished work.
  • Your submission needs to be completed fully to be considered.
  • The show has a wide audience age range so your first page subject matter should not be too overt. If you are not sure if your first page is over the line, you can contact us via the support link in the footer of this page, and we will review prior to your submission.
  • You must be available for the writing workshop with David. This is normally done within one month of the upcoming BookFest. i.e. end of March in spring and mid October in fall. We make every effort to accommodate everyone’s schedule when scheduling this.
  • By submitting your content, you are agreeing to allow us to use it in the Critiki Bar show for The BookFest.

Note, we have a limited time on the show so it is possible that some people who submit will not have their first page on the show.


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