Parade of Streetlights


Life is lived between the checklists

Parade of Streetlights is a captivating exploration of the millennial experience. Following a significant incident from his youth in Lagos, Kolawole Idowu always had a haunting desire to return to Nigeria and commit his time to making a difference. Within the course of a year, Kola explores his adopted home of New York City and all aspects of his world with candor and humor. Kola is both self-conscious and observant as he encounters people on the streets of NYC and constantly struggles with the idea of what it means to be himself.

A quarterlife manifesto for the modern malaise

Parade of Streetlights is a deeply personal and introspective debut novel from author Itua Uduebo told in vignettes and featuring characters who are working through many personal absurdities. This is a novel about the choices we make, the ways we restrict ourselves needlessly, and the freedom of embracing the authentic pursuit of happiness. Kola’s voice is a welcome addition to the literary canon and his story will stay with you long after the last page is finished.

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