Fill Your Cup

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The sound of the beans shaking in the bag or the scoop hitting the grounds, the steam rising, and the aroma of fresh coffee filling the air. Pausing to take a deep inhale, our hearts and minds fill with anticipation, then the pour happens. As we watch the smooth, crisp, dark waves spin until the cup is filled, we must decide, how full should we make it?

Whether you are running on empty or going for a refill, this book is a simple reminder that the cup of life is handed to us freely, but how we fill it is up to us. Coffee has always been a symbol of rejuvenation. The unique thing about the coffee in this book is that it comes from a special source, God.

God likes to fill things that are empty, but will the author make room for Him to do so is what you will find out at the turn of every page. Join her on a journey to discovering the war between life and faithfulness.

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