An Addict’s Journey Home: A True Story


How do you heal from the darkness that consumes your soul?

Throughout 2018 in the United States, there were 67,367 deaths reported due to drug overdose. Those are 67,367 human beings who didn’t get to go home. In that same year, synthetic opioid usage increased by 10 percent.

Imagine one of those people being your child, sister, or mother.

Imagine the hell they went through to get clean and stay clean.

Imagine how life led them to that point.

Imagine being there for them when they were released from that dragon.

On these pages, you will read one person’s story. She could have been number 67,368. Fortunately, she was and still is a survivor.

There is no rhyme or reason, and only God knows why her life was not extinguished.

One addict’s background story, or as she calls it, “The Back Story,” allows everyone to peek into her mind. “The Back Story” will show you how love and acceptance are at the core of human existence.

You’ll learn how her environment played a huge part in her addiction and her path to recovery. You may try to understand what led her to the life she led and why she always protected her sister, yet do any of us truly understand the life of an addict?

This story is about a small child who never felt unconditional love, a young girl who desperately wanted acceptance, and a woman who grew into an addict. She became an adult, feverishly fighting through her recovery daily.

Two sisters sit down and share their stories from disparate perspectives: an addict who fought to get sober and a sister who loved her from afar.

They share turmoil and gain closeness through it all.

Will you listen to An Addict’s Journey Home and heal with the sisters?

This title is a biography and is meant for an audience of 18+ due to substance abuse.

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