Stunned by her brother’s apparent suicide, LUNA AUBER, discovers that he has not only left her the key’s to his apartment but also trip to Sweden. Per his instructions, LUNA is to explore their unexpected heritage of the Birke, an iconic female Viking warrior. Following her beloved brother’s lead, LUNA will soon discover that the terrible shakes he suffered from were misdiagnosed. The shaking was in fact the early stages of his transformation. Her brother was a shapeshifter. A lycanthrope. And her own shaking has just begun. LUNA will be forced to make a choice that could either transform or destroy the world as she knows it.

“CURE by Kali Metis is a howling romp that seamlessly blends various voices, genres, and time periods without losing its effortless style. An amalgam of myth, historical fiction, romance, folklore, and horror, Metis cooks delicious conflict into every page as her main character, Luna Auber, bakes cupcakes by day but shifts into something slightly more sinister by night. Fans will surely hope this is the initial book of a series because CURE is worth reading by moonlight and sinking one’s teeth into.” –Suzanne Samples, author of Frontal Matter and Stargazing in Solitude

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