When Aaron Langford’ s friend, Otis Thomas, gives him a divination tray as a housewarming gift, Aaron thinks nothing of it. However, as weird occurrences begin to happen around him, Aaron’ s life is suddenly thrust into turmoil with the disappearance of his son, Asher, and daughter, Imani. As Aaron’ s marriage and life spiral out of control and the police zero in on him as the prime suspect in his children’ s disappearance, Aaron realizes he and his friends may have unleashed ancient supernatural powers that were best left alone. In a desperate attempt to bring his children back and clear his name, Aaron decides to embark on an improbable journey with the help of the divination’ s tray original owner, Urbi Houna, as his guide. Shadowland explores one man’ s attempts to overcome death and despair as well as pierce the veil between life and death.

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