Self-Promote and Succeed


Self-Promote and Succeed: The ‘No Boring Books’ Way to Build Your Brand, Attract Your Audience, and Market Your Non-Fiction Book

Master nonfiction book marketing and use your book for author brand growth.

Every nonfiction author dreams of being a bestselling author, having their book flourish in the hands of eager readers. This dream hinges on a well-positioned book and a savvy understanding of marketing. Many authors feel like they have tried everything in the world of self-publishing—launching mass press releases, designing attractive bookmarks, and attempting to run ads on Amazon. Yet the numbers crawl, the dream stalls, and the frustration mounts.

Julie Broad, author of Self-Publish and Succeed and Founder of Book Launchers, brings her high-energy approach and hold-nothing-back attitude with this compelling follow-up guide to Self-Publish and Succeed. Julie champions indie authors to book marketing success, showing you the secret goes beyond the narrow focus on book sales. She presents a map to use your book to become an industry thought leader, bolster your personal brand, and leverage your book as a tool for business growth.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Architect a layered marketing strategy, optimizing every aspect of your book production and marketing, for success.
  • Position your author brand to appeal directly to your target audience.
  • Choose your book launch strategy from four proven methods.
  • Enhance your book’s visibility with the right pricing and keywords on platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing.
  • Leverage speaking engagements to personally connect with readers and boost book sales.

It’s time to take your authorship to the next level. Navigate the intricacies of self-publishing and book marketing using the same methods clients pay her tens of thousands of dollars for. Get Self-Promote and Succeed and let this writer’s guide to promoting, marketing, and selling your nonfiction book be the reason your journey heads toward success.

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