indiscernible elements – Calcium

I am in your teeth, your bones, your nails. I help your muscles contract. I will help your heart beat. You need me. I am in every brick in the colosseum and in the walls of caves. I am in soil, sand, and statues. Every living thing requires me to function. When the living die, when a building crumbles, I will continue on. I have many jobs, I live many lives. You call me Calcium.

Indiscernible elements: Calcium explores the path a molecule can take through various stages of life and death – from the perspective of Calcium itself. through the use of detailed illustrations, poetry, and dialogue, author Korynn Newville creates a discussion around how humans can change the way they create the built environment to be more conscious of the wondrous systems at work in nature. If the same Calcium in a femur bone can be used in concrete to build a cathedral, a house, a sidewalk or can be recycled by a nearby plant or tree, how can humans purposefully help that process along? What would Calcium design if it had the choice? what would Calcium say if it could tell you its story?

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