Voice of a Mummy

Voice of a Mummy Cover - by Kay A Oliver

Voice of a Mummy

Dr. Kaili Worthy Series

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First Place Book Award

First Place Award

Fiction > Historical Fiction > Mystery


On a historic mummy hunt for the legendary Cleopatra, Dr. Kaili Worthy has no idea that she’s stepping into the path of a mysterious curse that stretches back nearly 4,000 years. Though the remains they find end up being from Cleopatra’s daughter, Selene, the A millennia-spanning mystery with all the thrills of a classic treasure hunt, Dr. Kaili Worthy 5-book novella series by Kay Oliver is the latest jaw-dropping action-adventure series. Dr. Kaili Worthy makes an unexpected discovery about the mummies stored at the museum that she works at. That discovery leads her to keep secrets, cause an international incident, and help her husband, Chief of Police, solve a murder going cold. Will she put her own life on the line for people she never met in life?