UnStuck & Free

30 Day Journal for Self Identity, Growth, and Transformation ebook cover

UnStuck & Free

A guided journal to self-identity, growth, and transformation for women

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Honorable Mention


I can hear the chains breaking! Sis, it’s a must that you get this amazing book, a breath of fresh air, as you learn how to break free of generational stuff!. Lakisha uses life lessons, humor, and truth to reveal her hurt as she heals from the emotional junk she’s been fortunate to overcome as a young girl and woman throughout her life. Filled to the brim with inspiration and motivation, not to mention great stories, this awesome read will keep you up at night – and for a good reason! Through the voice of a child, Lakisha opens with her traumatized yet truthful biography revealing her personal bricks. In this, a self-guided journal of transformation, Lakisha skillfully walks with you through the emotional struggles of change, complacency, comparison, company, circumstances, and clarity to living a more coherent life of purpose and meaning; a life Unstuck and Free.