Turn on Your Light

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Turn on Your Light

Finding the Light Within

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Honorable Mention

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Turn on Your Light is for anyone that is looking to find a light within. Growing up in Charles Warner Projects, Seneca Wilson learned how to survive, overcome adversity and find the light within him. Early in life, Seneca realized it is not about the hand you are dealt in life but how you play those cards to ensure you ultimately win. In Turn on Your Light, Seneca shares his journey to his “aha moment” and helps the reader identify their moment and find a light within. Turn on Your Light combines life experiences, encouragement and motivation to anyone needing a road map to personal success. This book is for you if…. You feel like life has dealt you an unfair hand You are in a place needing personal direction You are ready to start living your dreams You are ready to find your light within and shine it on the world