The Shady Oaks Division


The Shady Oaks Division

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Second Place Award

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Third Place Award

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After decades of service, the time has come for Jill to retire—what could possibly go wrong? Jill’s lethal instincts, which made her one of the most sought-after government assets, won’t let her slip into the quiet life that easily. Her past keeps creeping into her present, making it difficult for her to settle into a life of garden lunches and knitting clubs. The Shady Oaks Division follows Jill through the trials and tribulations of retirement as she struggles to fit into her new role. Her paranoia, fueled by her sharp instincts, threatens to upend her. But is it just paranoia? Or are they forgetting that her training and expertise are what made her their number-one asset to begin with? Will Jackson, the agent assigned to Jill, be able to keep her from disturbing the picturesque town she’s moved into? His own colorful past allows him to connect with her, and he works tirelessly to keep her on track. But will it be enough, or will it complicate matters further?