The Savior


The Savior

a Paul Dodge novel

Authors & Illustrator


Third Place Book Award

Third Place Award

Fiction > Detective - Police Procedural


Paul Dodge is ready to return to his normal job as a Parole Agent in Virginia after a much-needed—and not very restful—personal hiatus. When a local street woman is found dead, he’s assigned to work the case despite his personal objections. Now working a case outside of his normal expertise with a new team and a boss he isn’t sure he can trust, Dodge tries to make the best of the bad situation. The sooner the case is closed the sooner he can get back to his parole work rather than poking his nose into the life of a serial killer. With the killer growing in confidence and an old flame back in town, Dodge’s personal and professional lives get tested and tangled. When accusations fly and tensions rise, time is running out for Dodge to find justice for the victims and stop a psychopath before the body count rises again.