The Sand God

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The Sand God

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Honorable Mention Book Award

Honorable Mention

Fiction > Mystery > Murder & Crime


It’s been five years since Andy came face to face with a shocking experience that forever changed his life. It all started with the mysterious disappearance of Carmelita Mendosa, a young woman in the small town of Bullsnort, New Mexico. As a rookie reporter, Andy found the case curious and couldn’t help but look into it. In June of 1980, Andy went to Bullsnort, assigned to investigate Carmelita’s disappearance. Everyone thought the worst but hoped for the best. Then, Andy saw something: a figure seemingly made of sand. To the Native American people, this was a Sand God, also known as a “Dust Devil.” Andy’s “devil” wasn’t what it appeared to be, though, and this sighting led him into many strange experiences that left him questioning his sanity. What had become of Carmelita, and what had drawn Andy to her case in the first place? Secrets are revealed, but suffice to say, Andy is never the same after that trip to the mountains.