The Poison of Perfection


The Poison of Perfection

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Second Place Book Award

Second Place Award

Nonfiction > Self-Help - Happiness & Success


Do you want to turn your life around, love yourself and be full of peace? Or are you simply searching for something ‘more’ in your life? This treasury of advice will put you on the right path, and guide you towards greater contentment and happiness. Pick up a copy today, to learn how ‘perfection’ is the poison that steals your joy and hinders your progress! How can we be truly happy when we’re not content with our looks, careers, friends, and partners? Perfection promises great things, encouraging you to put all your energy into its pursuit, while all the time delivering nothing but misery. Reading this book will show you how to gain freedom from the exhausting, endless chase of ‘perfection.’ It is the book that will help you to understand why perfection is never a virtue but a vice.