The King, the Wyvern and I


The King, the Wyvern and I

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Second Place Book Award

Second Place Award

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The King, the Wyvern, and I is a fast-paced fantasy adventure, written with lyrical and elegant prose. It begins with a young woman on her journey to discover her past and prepare for her future destiny. Filled with colorful characters, twisting plot lines, and just enough magic to make things interesting, the author gives this book as a gift to anyone who needs to feel inspired. Through thorough world-building and sheer creativeness, follow our young heroine as she leaves her sedentary ways behind and becomes a weapon to take back her home and avenge her family. Traverse the lands of Juna, to the cliffs of Draconia where the wyverns reign, to the enchanted city of the Protectors in an epic battle of good versus evil. This passionate story is emotionally engaging. With lots of action and beautiful writing, it will leave you nearly breathless.