The Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles


The Jackson MacKenzie Chronicles

In the Eye of the Storm

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Third Place Book Award

Third Place Award

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War – It changes everyone and everything it touches. But especially the men who live in the trenches. Who fight the battles. Lt. Colonel Jackson Joseph MacKenzie is one of those men. He grew up in the shadow of a legendary Marine. Part of a family tradition to serve, he joined the United States Army. His first war – Korea -taught him death the hard way, both personal and professional. His second – Vietnam – never-ending pain. And betrayal by those above him. Those he trusted. His superiors. Given a top-secret mission to help end the war, he carried out his orders. Then upon his return, they disavowed any knowledge of it. He found himself in a six-by-eight cell with no way out and no hope. A man broken by the horrors of the Vietnam War and the POW camp that left everlasting scars. Memories – nightmares – that haunted him, even awake, and left him a prisoner in his own mind