Star Revelations

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Star Revelations

Get their attention before it’s too late… The Quiet War has begun…

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First Place Award

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Acclaimed journalist and media celebrity Diana Willis can snag the inside scoop and truth on any story. But when her helicopter mysteriously malfunctions and plummets to the ground, everything changes, sending Diana down a maze of murderous intrigue and confusion. Waking up from a coma, she struggles with the recurring dreams that reveal an extraordinary past life. Now, Diana’s hellbent on uncovering the secrets about those past memories.Delving into a world of mind control and past lives, the truth is more terrifying than she ever imagined as she travels back in time to face the perpetrators of America’s most confidential and sinister projects. Teaming up with an unlikely ally, an elusive interdimensional mentor from her other life, Diana restores her psychic and telepathic powers. Suddenly, they’re in more danger than ever before. Can she expose the truth, learn who she is, and bring a message of faith and freedom from another world, hundreds of earth years in the future?