Public Display of Aggression


Public Display of Aggression

Book 2 of the Mystic Rampage Series

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Third Place Book Award

Third Place Award

Fiction > Thriller - Supernatural
Honorable Mention Book Award

Honorable Mention

Artistic & Technical > Book Cover - Overall Design, Fiction > Fantasy - Action & Adventure


This is an urban fantasy that follows a group of Genies living in Chicago. It’s the second book in a series but can be read as a standalone novel. In the first book, Soleil shared his magic with a human named Darren. This act of friendship turned sour as Darren underwent harsh experiences and now seeks revenge. Soleil is searching for his old ally in hopes of bringing him away from this path of destruction. Flarence and his human partner, Claire, are hunting for a mysterious masked man who they refer to as the Old Ticker. Their bounty does not seem to have magical powers but carries guns that shoot spells. The Old Ticker has used these guns to kill, and his motives are unknown. By chance, Darren finds the Old Ticker first and discovers they are both driven by hate. They are willing to destroy Chicago to take their vengeance, and by combining Darren’s magic with the Old Ticker’s technology such a feat is possible. Soleil, Flarence, and Claire are the only ones who can stop them.