Peaches and Jake Celebrate Christmas


Peaches and Jake Celebrate Christmas

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Honorable Mention Book Award

Honorable Mention

Nonfiction > Children's - Animals


This colorful picture book tells the story of two rescue dogs, Peaches and Jake, who received special gifts from Santa for Christmas. Their mommy tells Jake that he can have his choice of the two stuffed toys that Santa left, but, whichever one he chooses is his to play with, the other toy is for Peaches, and he must leave her toy alone, which he does. Jake chooses Mr. Moose or “Moosie” and proceeds to play so hard with him that Moosie is reduced to a scrap of fabric which he plays with for months. But Peaches isn’t quite sure what to do with her toy, Miss Fox, or “Foxie.” For one thing, Foxie is almost as big as she is and from the look of things, no one is sure she ever had a stuffed toy before. Soon, she decides that Foxie makes a good “bed partner” and she can cuddle with her when she takes a nap. This story shows that we all see and handle things differently because we are all unique with our own special personality and way of doing things. But that’s perfectly okay.