Me Power


Me Power

Me Power

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Second Place Book Award

Second Place Award

Nonfiction > Self-Help - Motivation


“Who do you want to be?” We’ve all heard or asked this question before, yet few of us answer it because identity is not fixed, but ever-expanding as we move through life. Dr. LaNysha Tufuga Adams, Ivy-League educated linguist and founder of award-winning education consultancy Edlinguist Solutions, challenges others to not only answer this question, but to put the answer(s) into action. Me Power redefines empowerment, encouraging us to tap into our limitless flow of possibility while connecting with others. No matter the barriers, Me Power pushes us to activate the best of who we are and dismiss the possibility that power is something we can authorize, give away, or take from others. Embracing this book is the first step to activating your Me Power. So what are you waiting for?