Maddock and the Great Liberation


Maddock and the Great Liberation

Chosen by the Masters Volume II

Authors & Illustrator


Second Place Book Award

Second Place Award

Fiction > Romance - Fantasy


When Maddock returns from his time in the armed forces, he’s hailed as a hero because he defended the region’s largest iron ore deposit against invaders. But all Maddock sees in the mirror is a coward, one who will never be able to make amends for his secret failure on the battlefield. Determined to try, he sets off to fulfill a promise he made to Byx, his departed brother-in-arms. Belhina has been skating by on her earnings and the money her twin, Byx, sent home. Now that he’s gone, she has a choice to make: find yet another job to supplement his wages or get married. Then Maddock approaches her, offering his home and his wealth while asking for nothing in return. Belhina has read about the strapping young aristocrat in her brother’s letters, so she accepts his proposal. As if marriage to a stranger wasn’t hard enough, a spell falls over the couple that makes them switch bodies at the midnight toll. This could only be the work of a celestial being but are they friend or foe?