Resurrected Heart Series Duet – Book 1

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Second Place Book Award

Second Place Award

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He didn’t speak up when he had the chance. Can he move on from the girl who got away, or will he carry the torch to his grave?   Phoenix, Arizona. Drew O’Malley is tired of being alone. After fifteen years of hiding a secret crush as he watched his two best friends fall in love, he’s weary of meaningless one-night stands that fail to fill the emptiness in his heart. But the dedicated firefighter faces a wake-up call when he nearly dies in the line of duty and decides to chase his own happily ever after. Thrilled when a new relationship checks all the boxes, the thirty-something hero prays he’s finally found a beautiful and funny woman worthy of commitment. Yet as his now-detective pal starts pulling away from their close-knit circle over a mysterious case, Drew fears the emerging dangers of the investigation are putting all their lives at risk.   Can he keep his old bonds from destroying his fresh start?   Longing is the thrilling first half of the Resurrected Heart romantic suspense