Legends of Camberia: Reika’s Return


Legends of Camberia: Reika’s Return

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Honorable Mention Book Award

Honorable Mention


“Despite all of the world’s distractions, there was a constant whisper in my ear. Every gentle breeze that brushed my skin reminded me. Violent gusts of wind felt as screams. I was perpetually half in and half out of my true self. Most days I was able to ignore the whispers and dull the ache they conjured, but my self-control began to slip away the moment the first vision of Nyra visited me.” A young girl battles with herself to resolve the strange visions that begin to appear to her one day, visions that feel like memories of a place she’s never seen, encouraged by a woman she knew only briefly but loved deeply. As the mystery begins to unravel piece by piece, she begins to grasp her role in all of it but barely. The first book in the series, Reika’s Return is just the beginning of this character’s journey down a rabbit hole that twists and turns between the narrator’s battle to maintain sanity while embracing a piece of herself she doesn’t yet understand.