Legend of Ashneer, Creature of Darkness

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Legend of Ashneer, Creature of Darkness

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Second Place Book Award

Second Place Award

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Young adult, fantasy novel – How does a young, idealistic child grow up to become the ruthless invader of Imaemaroza? It starts with a witch. Meet the child who befriends a dragon, pulls a siren from his self-imposed social isolation, strives to make the dreams of the one he loves come true…all the while growing into the powerful man deemed to be the great evil the essences must come together to defeat. Before then, though, he must survive on his own world. Shadows threaten the well-being of all the inhabitants on Ashneer, but arrows cannot pierce them, nighttime fully hides them, and humans can become them. With all other efforts failing, the leaders begin to realize that to fight their enemy, it may just take another creature of darkness. This is the story of Bemton before he became Fezam on Tiweln, Raef on Randor, and Dehga on Faencina. This is the story of the Legend of Ashneer.