Izza’s Tea Party

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Izza’s Tea Party

A Family Guide to Fire Safety and Burn Prevention

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Honorable Mention Book Award

Honorable Mention

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Izza’s Tea Party is a story and family guide to Fire Safety and Burn Prevention, especially at home. It revolves around a young Izza, visiting her grandparent’s house for a tea party with her mother, pet bird Sonu, and pet dog Ella. In this book, Izza is taught how to stay Five Steps Away from a hot stove and hot liquids as a safe practice. It asks children to make a promise to always stay Five Steps Away from Hot liquids and teach their friends to do the same. It also encourages caregivers to be more cognizant of the environment and protect their children from burns. To make this book interactive, it includes a fire safety and burn prevention quiz, worksheet, interactive activities, and a Fire Safety Pro Certificate! Lastly the book teaches at – home first aid in case of scald burns.