“I Am The Ancestor, Before I Die I Must Share My Story”


“I Am The Ancestor, Before I Die I Must Share My Story”

All Missing Children Aren’t Dead

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Honorable Mention Book Award

Honorable Mention


The Lonest Living Jane Doe As an Unidentified Missing Person, S. Monique Smith’s life path has provided her with the opportunity to provide awareness, help and a voice for missing and exploited persons. Called to this path from a young age, Monique knew what she had to do for the people like her in this world. Her mission to help her community is rooted in personal tragedy. Her childhood was marked by serious abuse, but she didn’t realize the true nature of her story until her early 30s, when a local municipal application revealed inconsistencies in her documentation and ultimately led to the revelation that the woman, she had long believed to be her birth mother was not. After years of personal evolution and healing S. Monique Smith has overcome many trials and tribulations to become the survivor she is today. Ms. Smith has devoted herself to advocating on behalf of missing and abducted children, while continuing to work with law enforcement.