Grandma I Don’t Want To Go To Sleep


Grandma I Don’t Want To Go To Sleep

A Forever Love Tale

Authors & Illustrator


First Place Book Award

First Place Award

Fiction > Children's - Family


A tribute to Grandmothers who’ve to be mothers twice as they raise their grandchildren. This book follows a child’s fantastical voyage under the sea in an imaginative attempt to avoid bedtime. A book of laughter, longing, and loss. Told within the confines of a nontraditional family. Children being raised by their grandparents can finally see themselves in print.- Excellent storyline of inclusion utilizing people of color as characters in a universal setting.- Written as two tales in one, one straightforward adventure for the younger child, as well as a philosophical journey for the more mature reader. – This book is an excellent Hi/Lo story for a student reading below grade level due to its layered storytelling.- This book can also be used to help a more mature child come to terms with the concept of loss.