Good Influence


Good Influence

How to Engage Influencers for Purpose and Profit

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First Place Award

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Learn how your marketing and advocacy campaigns can be more effective. In Good Influence, Paul Katz, social entrepreneur and founder of social impact agency, Entertain Impact, shows companies and non-profits of all shapes and sizes how to engage Influencers – public figures, celebrities, and social media influencers – for purpose and profit. A multiple Grammy nominee, attorney, and entertainment insider for over three decades, Paul shows you how to harness the power of the Influencer Effect for your benefit. Through his simple 5 step D.R.E.A.M. method, illustrated by entertaining stories of his campaigns engaging Influencers, Paul demystifies the process. He gives you the knowledge and confidence to achieve your own successful Influencer campaigns. If you wish to attract your target audiences, inspire people to act, and drive your business and social impact programs, read Good Influence once, refer back to it throughout your campaign, and use the resources at goodinfluencebook.com.