EPIC Begins with 1 Step Forward

EPIC Begins with 1 Step Forward - Cover Image

EPIC Begins with 1 Step Forward

How to Plan, Achieve, and Enjoy the Journey

Authors & Illustrator


Sprague LPCC
Honorable Mention Book Award

Honorable Mention


No matter your goals, EPIC Begins with 1 Step Forward offers a practical framework for improving every day. All you need to do is master the simple yet transformative habit of taking one step forward. This book will reshape the way you think about success and progress. It gives you the practical steps you need to take to create EPIC results—whether you want to run a marathon, lose weight, write a book, get promoted, start a business, or achieve any other goal. You have the power to realize your dreams and live an EPIC life. This book will help you: • clarify your dream • set goals • develop a plan • enjoy your journey. No matter your journey, EPIC Begins With 1 Step Forward. TODAY is the day to start!