Crime Fighters Club #1

Crime Fighters Club Jordan Winters

Crime Fighters Club #1

The Mystery of the Missing Lunch

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Third Place Book Award

Third Place Award

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It’s an ordinary school day . . . until there’s a mystery to be solved! When a lunch goes missing, the Crime Fighters Club tackles the case and tracks down every clue. Everyone believes the class bully is the thief. Then his lunch goes missing too! Can the Crime Fighters identify the lunch thief before another lunch goes missing? What if the lunch thief isn’t trying to be mean? What if he (or she!) doesn’t have a lunch—ever? Join Marybeth and her Crime Fighting Club friends as they learn to work as a team, ask the right questions, and put together the puzzle of clues to discover the lunch thief. Sprinkled with black and white illustrations, this book is the perfect read for mystery-loving middle-grade readers!