Coming Out of the Metaphysical Closet

Coming Out of the Metaphysical Closet cover

Coming Out of the Metaphysical Closet

Autobiography of a Dream Master: A Spiritual Journey to Enlighten, Elevate Your Consciousness & Awaken Authentic Empowerment

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Second Place Book Award

Second Place Award

Nonfiction > Self-Help - Spirituality, New Age & Metaphysics


This inspirational, groundbreaking autobiography from metaphysician Lisa Rhyne is a compendium of three books in one (with over two hundred images) that reads like a conversation and informs like a sacred text. It’s where the ordinary, limitations, and thinking transform into the extraordinary, empowerment, and knowing. Endowed with a multitude of spiritual gifts, Lisa proves that miracles are real with her enchanting adventures, phenomenal photos, and theoretical concepts, which provide an intimate passport to an infinitely mysterious and fascinating world that’ll captivate and transform you. It’s possible to walk between worlds, embracing both the extraordinary and “normal,” as Lisa proves they’re not mutually exclusive. This paradigm-shifting work activates awareness, elevates consciousness and encourages you to fearlessly explore and question “reality” from every angle to become the master of your life and dreams.